Lightweight, agile quadruped robot for AI research and enterprise applications

Introducing DogBot

DogBot was originally designed as an in-house platform for developing AI systems which could interact with the real world, before being pursued as a product, aimed initially at fellow AI researchers.

DogBot was marketed under the React Robotics brand.

Our DogBots

DogBot Prototype


The first DogBot, didn’t even have a name!



The first ‘proper’ DogBot, YoYo, could walk and trot

Tango DogBot


Tango went off to Imperial College!



Gyro got to travel to Las Vegas!

Tango at Imperial

DogBot in Academia

Tango was given a new home at the Robot Intelligence Lab at Imperial College London, to help push forward the boundaries of robotic control.

DogBot on Display

Our partners Lenovo took Gyro and the team to show off at Autodesk University in Las Vegas.

Gyro on-site

DogBot in the Real World

Our aim with DogBot was to produce a robot with the capabilities of navigating through real-world environments, with all their messiness and unpredictabilty.

We took Gyro to a high-rise building site in London, and put it through its paces equipped with an industrial scanner produced by our partners at Faro

You can see more on the Lenovo news website.

Some images from our time creating DogBot

DogBot Simulation

DogBot's Legacy

We moved on from DogBot, but wanted to leave something behind, and we love open-source at React AI. So we uploaded a URDF file to GitHub so anyone can place a DogBot model in a simulated environment.

We also uploaded the CAD files and supporting materials for the real thing, to Hackaday, so you could try building your own!

Footnote: Where are they now?

Tango is still at Imperial College, but after one of our home offices was flooded in 2022, during the refurbishment YoYo and Gyro were relocated to their current spots, dangling from the ceiling!


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