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    Quantum Lidar

    Interpreting lidar signals for gas detection

    Not your average computer vision…

    Our client developed a world-leading system for gas detection based on their patented Quantum Gas Lidar technique, using single-photon detection to simultaneously monitor density of a specific gas, and lidar distance.


    React AI worked with them to refine and deploy their detection and flow-rate calculation algorithms onto their physical device, along with implementing an array of associated software modules to process noisy, high-volume data sets from a variety of sensors, alongside remote logging, secure access and a comprehensive device API.

    Services Provided


    React AI undertook a wide-ranging collaborative role with our client, including:

    • Specialist data analysis and processing via high-performance custom C++ code
    • Results evaluation: defining metrics, curating data sets, automating test-suites
    • Embedded-software development under Yocto Linux
    • On-device web UI
    • Comprehensive API over HTTP and MQTT
    • High-performance bespoke logging over MQTT
    • Reporting and documentation.