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    Smart Admin for Django

    Responsive Web App

    Building on a Superb Web Template

    As a data-science company with an emphasis on real-time data, we have had many occasions to build dashboard-style web applications, both in-house and for our clients.  For many years we have leveraged the excellent Smart Admin template. Being most familiar with Django as a web framework, we refactored Smart Admin to work efficiently with Django, enabling the quick and simple implementation of new web-apps.


    A logical follow-up was to contact the Smart Admin team, and package our ‘Smart Admin for Django’ solution, or Sadj for short, into one of the template variants available for purcase.



    The Sadj package bundles up all the prior Smart Admin pages and features, refactored into an array of Django-style templates, both full-page and components/widgets. As you can see on the demo installation, there are also some Sadj-specific elements, including:

    • Single- and multiple-page app options, see below.
    • Create-project script to allow easy creation of new apps.
    • Data-entry (create/edit/delete) demos, using data grids and forms through to the database.
    • Authentication: Smart Admin-aligned login/logout/create-account elements, fully integrated.
    • Key controls such as buttons and alerts factored out into individual Django templates.
    • Integration of Smart Admin with the Django admin pages.
    • Smart Admin theme capabilities extended, with database-storage options.
    • Live-data chart demos.

    Single- and Multi-Page Applications


    There are two main design patterns for web apps: multi-page application (MPA) and single-page application (SPA). An MPA renders features onto successive new webpages, with new urls. An SPA stays on the same page, and loads new features into and out of that page. You can evaluate the pros and cons of each, but whatever you decide, SmartAdmin for Django has you covered, as detailed on the demo installation.


    Not only does Sadj provide a full-featured MPA solution, it also provides a full-featured SPA solution, with the same features and functionality as the MPA solution. The SPA solution uses SmartAdmin and Sadj capabilities to handle the content routing, with no heavyweight client frameworks required.


    Moreover, the SPA solution is fully integrated with the MPA solution, so you can use the same features and functionality in both MPA and SPA solutions. This leverages Django’s powerful template capabilities to enable development of single templates that can be used for both MPA and SPA websites; you can see both being served by the same website at